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Great outdoor spaces often incorporate concrete paver patios, pool decks, and driveways to enhance the appeal of the property. Concrete pavers are durable and low maintenance and come in a nearly unlimited variety of sizes and colors. Pavers can last a lifetime if taken care of properly, but if neglected, stains or fading can reduce the visual beauty of your investment over time.

Extending the beauty and lifespan of outdoor hardscapes may require applying a sealer to concrete pavers on your property.  While pavers are versatile and look great in nearly any outdoor environment, it is important to seal them to keep them looking and functioning their best for many years to come.

Protecting Your Pavers From The Elements

Over time, concrete pavers will fade and show wear due to the sun, rain, heat, freezing, and other weather factors. Another factor in the deterioration of pavers is foot or vehicle traffic. Concrete pavers are porous and will also develop stains from oil-based spills, tires, rust from pots or tables and chairs, and even leaves in the fall that sit on the patio for too long.

Cleaning and Sealing your pavers helps by removing stains and then protecting your pavers long term from further damage, fading, and stains. After the hardscape cleaner removes the stains and weathering, the paver sealer then restores the pavers to their original color (or close to) and then locks in that color for several years.

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Eduardo Cruz

Paver Sealing Orlando FL

I used GMG to get pavers seal and they did an amazing job. Very professional and work was well with good craftsmanship. They took their time and didn’t rush. I will totally do business with them again.thank you to Geremy with GMG. I’ll definitely be using them again for paver sealing and other exterior cleaning needs.

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Brandon Harris

Paver Sealing Orlando

GMG did an amazing job of cleaning our tile roof, paver sealing driveway and concrete apron and sidewalk. They came out and gave a free estimate. We scheduled the date and they were on time and very thorough in their cleaning. They took extra care of our plants and landscaping as they worked to clean the exterior of our home. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reasonably priced, high quality roof and exterior home cleaning.

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Todd Tyler

Paver Sealing In Orlando FL

What a amazing job! The concrete and flagstone looks brand new. Highly recommend this business to anyone looking to get mold and mildew from concrete and flagstone pavers. I highly recommend GMG Power Washing for paver sealing and other exterior cleaning services.

Benefits of Paver Cleaning & Sealing

There are many benefits of paver sealing. The benefits include:

  • Cleans and restores pavers to original color
  • Enhances color of pavers with matte, non-gloss finish
  • Locks in the enhanced appearance of the pavers
  • Prevents further sun damage and fading
  • Minimizes paver maintenance
  • Slows growth of moss or mildew on pavers
  • Helps to inhibit weed growth in paver joints
  • Keeps your pavers looking new longer
  • Helps to weather-proof your pavers against freeze-thaw cycles, sun, rain and calcium
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